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How It Works - Instant Authority Marketing

Thousands of local business use this exact system to boost their online rating and reviews.

The 3 Step Formula To Getting More Customers


1. Build Your Reputation

Asking customers for online reviews can be poorly received and leave your business open to negative feedback that can severely damage your reputation. This issue is removed when using our services as we implement smart feedback pages that filter out the bad reviews and only publish glowing reviews online.


2. Market Your Reputation

A great online reputation is good, but is truly spectacular when everyone sees it. Our services not only build and monitor your reputation, we also make sure that everyone sees your incredible online reviews through marketing. We market your reputation on your website and social media pages and even produce professional testimonial videos that are guaranteed to rank in search engines!


3. Manage Your Reputation

Your excellent reviews can really boost your online reputation and make customers trust you, but one bad review can spoil all of that success. Because of this, we make sure we are constantly monitoring all of the reviews you receive and alert you when any require your immediate attention (positive or negative). We also provide you with an in-depth analysis so that you can feel confident that your reputation is being effectively managed.

How Our Platform Works

Customers will receive a one question survey that they will respond to detailing their experience with your company. If the respond with a positive review, they are immediately directed to an online review site of your choice to post their positive review publically!

Our Proven Automated System

Step 1

Start the system by easily adding your customer’s name and email address

Simply enter the name and cell phone number or e-mail address into our easy-to-use platform and watch as our system performs the next steps.

This is a system anyone can use, zero technical skills are required!

Step 2

Customers receive a one question survey via text message and/or email.

The customer will then respond to a prompt asking how their experience was with your business. Once they have answered the prompt, the customer will be routed through a funnel that is based on preset settings. This process ensures that your customers will leave more online reviews on the review websites of your choice!

Step 3

Our Automated Review Funnel Filters Out Negative Responses And Passes The Positive To Google, Yelp Or Facebook To Leave A Review.

RepAuthority’s innovative software will automatically take your customers to the web page of your choice, which will allow for them to complete one-click reviews on any major review portal.

Our state-of-the-art feedback funnel will catch any review that is potentially negative and reroute it directly to you. This funnel eliminates the opportunity for negative reviews about your business to be posted online. It also allows the dissatisfied customer with the opportunity to provide you with additional feedback about their experience in a secure setting while simultaneously allowing you to privately resolve the situation in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Step 4

The #1 Customer Reputation Management & Marketing Solution.

The dashboard that you will have access to with RepAuthority, allows you to manage all of the customer feedback and online reviews that you receive in one place. It also displays the overall feedback and online rating score of your business. The services we provide work to keep you constantly informed through sending e-mail and text alerts that will notify you as soon as your business receives a new rating or review.

How Consumers Search Today

Said that Online Reviews influenced their purchases
Trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 current reviews
Trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
Read online reviews when searching for a local business

In today’s internet and consumer driven world, online ratings and reviews are the
#1 deciding factor when looking for local products and services.

How It Works

ReviewMeToday is an automated reputation marketing platform that fulfills the needs of business owners seeking to establish online credibility. Developed to empower local business owners with the ability to control and expand their reputation. The “hands-off” approach allows owners to easily achieve a positive online reputation while focusing on new customers and improving internal business practices.

The Power of your Online Reputation

Why is Online Reputation Management so important for your business?

There are 3 main reasons:


Developing and Maintaining Brand Protection

Nearly 80 percent of all consumers will research a business online prior to giving that company their patronage. If a potential customer decides to scour the web for your business and is confronted with numerous negative comments, they may quickly consider going to your competitor instead. Social media sites, as well as forums and discussion boards can easily become a breeding ground for negative remarks.

To protect your business and brand from becoming overshadowed by negative comments, online reputation management teams can properly manage your sites. Proper Online Reputation management will ensure only the positive information regarding your business is displayed on social media sites and other areas of the web, and they can also work to encourage more positive posting from brand loyalists.


Increasing Visibility

Gaining a top position in search engines is a great way to increase the online visibility of your company. Most consumers (90%) looking for a specific business don’t make it past the first page of the search engine results, so having your business in one of the top 5 positions is your best bet for obtaining new business. By managing your business’ online reputation on a regular basis through content creation, keywords, and other various SEO techniques, your company will be more likely to obtain a higher rank in the search engines and maintain control of that position providing a higher likelihood of gaining new clients.

An online reputation management team may also be able to more effectively launch and manage any social media campaigns your company wishes to embark on which will allow you access to audiences you otherwise would not have been able to reach.


Building Consumer Trust

One of the greatest benefits to online reputation management is having the ability to choose how your target audience sees your business. By only allowing certain information to enter search engines and social media networks, you can deliver a trustworthy image of your company to your potential patrons. This is especially important for businesses heavily involved in social networking.

If a customer sees your company conveying one image on one site, and a different image on another site, they will feel as though you aren’t credible, and will be more likely to take their business elsewhere. Customers like to feel as though they are purchasing products and services from a trustworthy source and online reputation management can help you maintain the web consistency needed to convey this type of image.

What our customers are saying

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  • RepAuthority is a site that will make any business owners’s day. There’s no better way to outplay your competitors.

    Sean D
    Sean D
  • RepAuthority is great for business owners who are serious about their reputation and want to build it quickly and consistently.

    Jennifer M
    Jennifer M
  • I was blown away by the simplicity of use and how quickly I was able to implement this into my business.

    Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson

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